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Composite Front Doors Styles

Endurance Classic Collection

Peak Windows & Doors Endurance Classic Collection

Ben Nevis

The Endurance Ben Nevis door is styled as traditional Georgian and ensures complete privacy for your property. This style is ideal for homes on busy routes and main roads where you need the best security and privacy.


Similar to the Ben Nevis style, the Endurance McKinley door features solid twin mouldings. This traditional style door looks great making a statement in bold primary colours such as Rich Red and French Navy.


The magicians in the Endurance colour department are continuously stirring up the palette to create new and exciting colours to give your home the entrance it deserves.

Peak Endurance Range - Eiger - Pearl Grey Sarah
Peak Endurance Range - Eiger - Anthracite Grey Edwardian Number
Peak Endurance Range - Eiger - Rich Rad Spring
Peak Endurance Range - Eiger - Irish Oak Georgian
Peak Endurance Range - Eiger - French Navy Virtue


Whether you choose a door style with a large or small glazed area, opting to let lots or a little light into your home, with an extensive range of glazing options you're sure to find something to complement your property.

Peak Endurance Range - Skiddaw - Golden Oak Opal
Peak Endurance Range - Skiddaw - Racing Green Riviera
Peak Endurance Range - Skiddaw - Schwarz Braun Black Pacific Clear
Peak Endurance Range - Skiddaw - Walnut Harmony
Peak Endurance Range - Skiddaw - White Aspire Azure

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Peak Endurance Range - Elbrus - Cream Riviera
Peak Endurance Range - Elbrus - French Navy Harmony
Peak Endurance Range - Elbrus - Pearl Grey Aspire Jet
Peak Endurance Range - Elbrus - Rich Red Opal
Peak Endurance Range - Elbrus - Rosewood Virtue

Mont Blanc

At 48mm thick and with cross-bonded laminations, an Endurance door delivers unrivaled strength and dimensional stability. It's the first choice in delivering the highest level of security, providing home owners with peace of mind.

Peak Endurance Doors - Mont Blanc - anthracite grey harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Mont Blanc - Walnut Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Mont Blanc - White Aspire Ruby
Peak Endurance Doors - Mont Blanc - Rich Red Spring


Our most popular door, the Etna, boasts a classic style whilst providing safety and security for your peace of mind. With 2 large glazed panels you can let a decent amount of light into your hallway whilst maintaining your privacy with different decorative glazing options.

Peak Endurance Doors - Etna - Cream Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Etna - Racing Green Katrina
Peak Endurance Doors - Etna - Schwarz Braun Black Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Etna - Walnut Deco
Peak Endurance Doors - Etna - Golden Oak Harmony

Monte Rosa

With 16 colours to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect shade to complement your property. View all colours here.

Peak Endurance Doors - Monte Rosa - Irish Oak Opal
Peak Endurance Doors - Monte Rosa - Pearl Grey Aspire Azure
Peak Endurance Doors - Monte Rosa - Anthracite Grey Graphite
Peak Endurance Doors - Monte Rosa - Turquoise Pastel Kerner
Peak Endurance Doors - Monte Rosa - French Navy Virtue


Our solid and secure composite entrance doors are only available to buy through the Endurance Preferred Installer Network - Peak Windows & Doors are an Endurance Preferred Installer.

Peak Endurance Doors - Olympus - Walnut Elegance
Peak Endurance Doors - Olympus - Rich Red Murano Black
Peak Endurance Doors - Olympus - French Navy Opal
Peak Endurance Doors - Olympus - Cream Graphite
Peak Endurance Doors - Olympus - Schwarz Braun Black Spring


Peak Endurance Doors - Pelmo - Schwarz Braun Black Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Pelmo - Turquoise Pastel Diamonte
Peak Endurance Doors - Pelmo - Cream Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Pelmo - Pebble Elegance
Peak Endurance Doors - Pelmo - Pearl Grey Adina


The Scafell is a grand looking door ideal for making a statement. This versatile door is best suited to striking colours such as Rich Red and French Navy, but also works well in the more classic Anthracite Grey and Pearl Grey.

Peak Endurance Doors - Scafell - Anthracite Grey Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Scafell - Pearl Grey Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Scafell - Racing Green Kerner
Peak Endurance Doors - Scafell - Rich Red Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Scafell - French Navy Graphite


Peak Endurance Doors - Cheviot - Pebble Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Cheviot - French Navy Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Cheviot - Anthracite Grey Virtue
Peak Endurance Doors - Cheviot - Golden Oak Spring


The Snowdon is a versatile design, with the option to create a stable door or add Georgian bars to the glazing. It best suits traditional properties and looks fantastic in Rosewood, Chartwell Green & French Navy.

Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - French Navy Linear
Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - Rich Red Opal
Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - Rosewood Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - Chartwell Green Spring


Peak Endurance Doors - Lingmell - Chartwell Green Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - Rich Red Ornate
Peak Endurance Doors - Snowdon - Walnut Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Lingmell - Schwarz Braun Black Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Lingmell - White Ornate


Peak Endurance Doors - Bowmont - Turquoise Pastel Virtue
Peak Endurance Doors - Bowmont - Rosewood Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Bowmont - Cream Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Bowmont - French Navy Aspire Azure
Peak Endurance Doors - Bowmont - Irish Oak Spring


Peak Endurance Doors - Tate - Anthracite Grey Deco
Peak Endurance Doors - Tate - White Adina
Peak Endurance Doors - Tate - Pearl Grey Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Tate - Schwarz Braun Black Georgian


Peak Endurance Doors - Walton - Racing Green Aspire Jade
Peak Endurance Doors - Walton - Cream Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Walton - Rosewood Sarah
Peak Endurance Doors - Walton - Pearl Grey Riviera


Similar to the 1930s style Walton door, the Wentwood features a single glazed panel instead of two, allowing you to flood your home with light. Retain your privacy by choosing Satin glass.

Peak Endurance Doors - Wentwood - Pebble Harmony
Peak Endurance Doors - Wentwood - Walnut Riviera
Peak Endurance Doors - Wentwood - Rich Red Sarah
Peak Endurance Doors - Wentwood - French Navy Spring


Taking inspiration from typical 1930s style doors, the Pentland door is ideal for improving the kerb appeal of your property. Choose a bold, striking colour such as Rich Red to really turn heads and a Heritage lock to complement the traditional style.

Peak Endurance Doors - Pentland - Racing Green Ornate
Peak Endurance Doors - Pentland - Golden Oak Ornate
Peak Endurance Doors - Pentland - Schwarz Braun Black Ornate
Peak Endurance Doors - Pentland - Rich Red Ornate

Cader Idris

Add a touch of class to your home with the Cader Idris door. A traditional style door, this looks fantastic on both contemporary and period properties. We love the addition of Spring glass to create a very traditional look.

Peak Endurance Doors - Cader Idris - French Navy Sarah
Peak Endurance Doors - Cader Idris - Pearl Grey Satin
Peak Endurance Doors - Cader Idris - Anthracite Grey Spring
Peak Endurance Doors - Cader Idris - Chartwell Green Ornate

Country Collection

Peak Endurance - Country Collection

Urban Collection

Peak Endurance - Urban Collection

Other Styles

Peak Endurance - Other Styles

Other door styles available

Composite/Front Doors

Composite Doors

With the benefits of modern materials and the look of timber these composite doors are a popular choice.

French Doors

French Doors

Allowing extra daylight, French doors elegantly bring the outdoors in whilst offering secure locking systems.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

It's amazing how a simple sliding door can transform your home allowing natural light to flood through whilst...

Large Doors

Large Doors

Large doors are available in a wide selection of finishes and colours to suit any home. Call today for more information.


Peak Windows & Doors Security

There are many options to add security to your home from anti-intrusion devices to locking systems.

In a world where criminals, unfortunately, continue to find new ways to access premises, we'll continue to work with our suppliers to innovate and develop new products to add to our range to ensure you have peace of mind and stay safe and secure.

Peak Windows - Quality Assured

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